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About Md. Ebadul Islam

Md. Ebadul Islam is a well-known name in the digital marketing industry in Bangladesh, boasting extensive experience and a remarkable history of accomplishments. As the CEO of Techy Rank, a dynamic SEO agency, he orchestrates strategic initiatives while meticulously managing the agency's daily affairs. Ebadul Islam has steered Techy Rank to the forefront of the industry, establishing it as a premier SEO agency in the nation. His adept guidance has empowered businesses across scales to elevate their online presence significantly, driving substantial traffic and catalyzing remarkable sales growth.

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In his capacity as the CEO of Techy Rank, Md. Ebadul Islam takes on multifaceted roles that extend beyond the traditional leadership sphere. He’s a dedicated educator, lending his expertise as an SEO Expert at Digital Marketing Industry, where he imparts invaluable insights to budding digital marketers. Renowned for his captivating teaching methods, Ebadul Islam has a knack for demystifying intricate concepts, making them accessible and actionable for his students.

Apart from spearheading Techy Rank’s growth, Ebadul Islam is a data-driven marketer with an illustrious portfolio spanning diverse clientele, from fledgling startups to corporate giants. His collaborative approach in crafting and executing digital strategies has consistently yielded tangible outcomes for his clients.

Ebadul Islam’s hallmark is his unwavering commitment to staying abreast of industry dynamics. Continuously evolving and experimenting with cutting-edge methodologies, he perpetually seeks novel strategies to augment the efficacy of his campaigns. Whether mentoring students, collaborating with clients, or steering Techy Rank, his driving force is an unwavering passion for digital marketing and a fervent dedication to driving businesses toward success in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

With a wealth of experience and a history of achievements, Ebadul Islam stands as a pivotal figure within the digital marketing fraternity, not only in Bangladesh but also as a significant contributor to the global digital landscape.



my experience and skills are your gateway to achieving remarkable online growth.

(SEO CONSULTANT & Web Designer)

Thrived as a web designer and SEO consultant, using their creative and technical skills. created appealing websites and used strategic SEO tactics to drive organic growth.

2019 - 2021 (SEO Specialist & Web Designer)

Excelled as an SEO Specialist and Web Designer, harmonizing creativity and technical finesse. Orchestrated impactful SEO strategies for holistic online success.

(SEO CONSULTANT & Web Designer)

All you need to do, is your best work together one package works among seamlessly in computer daily.

2022 - CONTINUING (SEO Specialist)

All you need to do, is your best work together one package works among seamlessly in computer daily.


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